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Vitalik Buterin comments on the risks of AI and highlights the potential to surpass humans

Fast Take
  • Vitalik Buterin commented on the risks of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • He highlighted the potential of technology to surpass humans
  • Buterin highlighted the control and regulation of AI technology
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The co-founder of Ethereum (ETH), Vitalik Buterin, recently commented on the risks of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), highlighting the technology's potential to surpass human beings themselves.

For Buterin, if there is no control over these technologies, super-advanced AIs have a lot of potential to surpass the development of humans, becoming the next “cutting-edge species”.

“New monster post: my own current perspective on recent debates around techno-optimism, the risks of AI, and ways to avoid extreme centralization in the XNUMXst century. Firstly, the technology is incredible and there are very high costs to delaying it.

AI Risk 1: existential risk. My p(doom) is around 0,1. You don’t need to buy this story, but IMO it’s worth worrying about,” he highlighted.


Detailing the risks of technology, Buterin highlighted the second point: “would a world with superintelligent AI be a world in which we would feel satisfied living? About the instability of outcomes other than our being pets and the failures of science fiction to present realistic alternatives.”

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The ETH founder also highlighted the regulation of the sector. “Many AI safety proposals are of the “let’s make sure only licensed and safe good guys can access the technology” type. But my polling suggests that if regulation is necessary, people would prefer to just delay AI without anyone having special rights to move forward.”

“Polytheistic AI, where each individual (or tribe, or country, or…) has their own AI seems cool, but I fear it could be unstable, and ultimately leave other problems unsolved”, he added.

Vitalik Buterin comments on AI plans

Vitalik Buterin made recent comments about a possible integration of the network with artificial intelligence (AI) in a period between medium and long term.

When responding to members of the ETH community on the decentralized social protocol Warpcast, the creator of ETH highlighted that AI technology continues to occupy his thoughts in recent weeks.

Buterin highlighted in his comment that one of his thoughts is how Ethereum could productively engage in AI-related issues.

“Over the past two weeks, I've been thinking about what my views are on various AI-related issues (including risk x, etc.) and how/if the Ethereum community could productively engage in them,” he wrote.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author, or anyone mentioned in this article, are for informational purposes only and do not constitute financial, investment or other advice. Investing or trading cryptocurrencies carries a risk of financial loss.

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