Socrates launches an innovative social media and entertainment platform for Web3 users worldwide

Sócrates launches an innovative social media and entertainment platform for Web3 users worldwide
  • Socrates is a Web3 social media and entertainment platform that combines the best of Social-Fi and Game-Fi
  • Accessible on several “blockchains”, including Polygon, Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain (BSC), Arbitrum One and Optimism.
  • Allows anyone to participate in multi-option Q&A, motivating people to express honest opinions and unique perspectives.
  • Offers big rewards for simple, easy-to-use in-app interactions.

November 23, 2023: Socrates, a web3 social media and entertainment platform, was launched on several “blockchains” after a successful testing phase. The revolutionary application, supported by miles of subscriptions, will offer users from all over the world the possibility to earn substantial rewards by actively participating in multi-option Q&A, openly debating and sharing knowledge.

Socrates motivates people to debate any topic, including politics, sports, cryptocurrencies, and entertainment. Utilizing an intuitive and innovative user interface, users can ask and answer multiple selection questions in the app, giving and supporting (“liking”) reasons that support their views.

The organization combines the best of Social-Fi and Game-Fi, and is based on the principle of rewarding knowledge exchange and promoting dialogue, with a mission to initiate dialogue and foster community. With mainstream media controlling the narratives and directing much of collective human thought, Socrates offers users a platform to think freely about issues and combat misinformation habitual on Web2 social networks.

Built on the principles of decentralization and inclusion, Socrates integrates the benefits of “blockchain” technology and NFT to establish a unique incentivized ecosystem. User interactions contribute to a question's prize pool, which already exceeds 1.000 points, with possible rewards that will be distributed once they close the question. Serious discussions and unique perspectives during in-depth debates can earn users greater rewards, a key resource for sparking serious discussions and new levels of commitment.

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This week, Socrates further improved accessibility, allowing access across multiple blockchains, including Polygon, Ethereum, Arbitrum One, Optimism and BNB Smart Chain (BSC), where points earned on the platform can be easily exchanged 1:1 per USDT (Have you).

“With questions and answers driving the current conversation, we created Socrates to provide a fun platform where great rewards can be earned for sharing knowledge, receiving diverse opinions, and networking with related communities. In response to the rise of AI linguistic technology that provides standardized answers to questions, our platform responds to a clear need for individuals, businesses and governments to seek human answers to their questions,” said Lottie Wells, head of public relations at Socrates.

Since its launch, more than 200 Socrates team members, from leading Web3 and social media companies, have continued to develop the product and improve the user experience. However, the organization has ambitious development plans imminent, which include the launch of an algorithm that tailors content to specific users and a next-generation UI update.

The platform invites users to participate in the debate by registering and using Socrates in using invite code 8k6dtcsr. Follow us on Twitter, Discord e Telegram for more information.

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