What is Paribus (PBX) Token – Cardano NFT Staking?

Paribus (PBX), a cryptocurrency and a lending, borrowing and NFT staking platform, based on Cardano which aims to support both conventional and unconventional cryptographic assets to allow its users to unlock liquidity and interact with markets without having to liquidate assets.

Paribus' proposal is to be able to support assets like USDT (ERC20, BEP20, TR20), but also expand our capabilities to support assets like an NFT for a work of art or Virtual Terrain based on, for example, Decentraland.

The concept of value in the chain is constantly changing as innovators discover transformational ways to store, represent, leverage and exploit that value. To unlock the true potential of these assets, they must evolve in terms of reach. Decentralized financial products are not isolated; they are inclusive, borderless and need to be truly interoperable financial instruments capable of being used within DeFi protocols in any chain.

What is Paribus (PBX) token?

Paribus (PBX) a Cardano-based cryptocurrency and lending/borrowing platform that aims to support both conventional and unconventional cryptographic assets to allow its users to unlock liquidity and interact with markets without having to liquidate assets.

The protocol that brings all these strengths together, offering DeFi holders and investors a platform to extend the reach of their digital assets and positions, doubling their purchasing power.

Paribus Platform (PBX) Features

1. Lending and investing synthetic assets

Increase capital efficiency or investment flexibility, in any chain.

2. Loans based on NFT collateral

Borrow against your investment, freeing up your capital as the underlying NFT appreciates.

3. NFT Staking

Pool value with other similar NFTs by earning income on your NFT assets.

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4. Loans based on LP collateral

Borrow against your AMM liquidity positions, allowing you to leverage yourself by betting or winning through LP'ing.

5. LP stakeout

Market-specific staking pools for Tokens LP of multiple blockchain-based liquidity pools.

The PBX Token

PBX is Paribus' native governance token, allowing holders to create and vote on proposals related to protocol guidance. The ultimate goal of the PBX token is to align incentives across the Paribus throughput protocol, creating a codified harmony between the stakeholders, the protocol itself, and the security of the assets it contains.

PBX token holders are also entitled to a percentage of the fees earned by the protocol, in relation to their participation. The bigger the bet, the bigger the tier and the bigger the winning percentage.

ICO information

  • Symbol: PBX
  • Token type:ERC20
  • ICO Token Price: 1 PBX = 0.0003 USD
  • Fundraising Target: 500,000,000 Token
  • Total Tokens: 10,000,000,000
  • Available for sale: 40%

Where to buy Paribus (PBX) Token?

The cryptocurrency has already had its IDO finalized on the launch pad CardStarter. It will soon be released on a DEX exchange, when that happens we will update this article.

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