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Huobi Global Exchange Review: Is it Reliable and Safe to Invest?

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Huobi Global


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Basic information about Huobi global exchange:

  • Type of exchange: centralized exchange
  • Release date: September 2013
  • Location: worldwide (based in Singapore)
  • CEO: Leon Li
This Huobi review will cover the most important features of the exchange to help you decide if Huobi is the right exchange for you or if you'd better choose another top cryptocurrency exchange. Here is a quick overview of Huobi's advantages and disadvantages.

The pros of cryptocurrency trading in Huobi:
  • Credit and debit card payments available
  • 20.000 BTC Emergency Reserve Fund for Hacks
  • The DPO platform allows users to participate in project offers
  • Very large selection of listed cryptocurrencies
  • Extensive feature set
The cons of trading cryptocurrency on Huobi:
  • No fiat currency trading pairs
  • Not available to US merchants

Huobi Global Exchange Feature Review

Huobi Global is an exchange that is accessible in over 130 different countries, but is not currently open to US merchants. The platform offers everything you would expect from a high-end cryptocurrency exchange.

First, there is also trading with cryptocurrency margin available, which allows you to trade with up to 5x leverage. They also have a futures platform to trade cryptocurrencies against the US dollar with up to 20x leverage.

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Huobi offers a very fair fee structure and offers standard stablecoins that you would expect from an exchange. In addition, they also have their own stablecoin and a separate utility token called Huobi Token HT, 0,65%.

Lastly, Huobi also has Huobi Prime, which allows direct premium offers (DPO's), which is similar to Binance Launchpad in offering new projects to its customers.

Huobi Trading

Trade over 234 different cryptocurrencies with over 27 fiat currencies
Global Huobi allows over 237 different cryptocurrencies to be traded against Bitcoin, Ethereum ETH, -1,65% and Tether USDT, 0,01%. It also has a separate section for fiat exchanges where you can interact with other customers to buy cryptocurrencies directly with fiat. The total number of markets in the exchange exceeds 500 with BTC / USDT, ETH / USDT and BCH / USDT being the highest volume market pairs.

You can place the 4 typical types of orders on Huobi and you really don't need anymore. These order types are:

  • Market Orders
  • Limit orders
  • stop-loss orders
  • Take Profit Orders

Huobi has competitive rates

To trade on Huobi Global, the fee structure is quite simple. They charge 0,2% for manufacturer and policyholder fees. There is a fee reduction for users who are VIP members. Users must pay in Huobi Tokens to sign up as VIP members, which helps to add value to the utility token.

They also introduced a new scaled, volume-dependent fee structure that you can see here.

Fees started at 0,00%, but all exchanges were forced to impose some form of trade fees in Asia.

Huobi offers competitive deposit and withdrawal rates

Deposits are completely free for Huobi users – as you would expect. The exchange charges a very small BTC of 0,0001 for Bitcoin withdrawals, which is far below the industry standard.

Huobi offers up to 5x leverage on margin trading with 20x on futures.

Huobi offers margin spot trading with up to 5x leverage on its exchange. In addition, they have a futures section, known as Huobi DM, which allows you to trade futures contracts in over 9 different markets.

Currently, you can make futures contracts in the following selected markets:

  • BTC / USD
  • ETH / USD
  • EOS / USD
  • LTC / USD
  • XRP / USD
  • BCH / USD
  • TRX / USD
  • BSV / USD
  • ETC / USD

Huobi Prime

You may have heard about the IEO (Initial Exchange Offerings) craze, but Huobi has gone a step further with a new form of offering known as DPO (Direct Premium Offerings).

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DPOs are released on Huobi Prime after being scrutinized by the team. This ensures that any project in Huobi is scrutinized by a panel of experts, so you can be sure it's not a quick and fast project.

The difference with the DPO's that Huobi offers and other typical IOE's is that the currencies you invest in are immediately available in your trading account. This means that Huobi Prime is not a fundraising platform like Binance Launchpad, as your investment is immediately available for trading.

Offers on Huobi Prime must be paid with Huobi Tokens only, providing an additional use case for the token, and users must have 500 Huobi Tokens to participate. Differential price caps protect investors from immediate sell-offs. Tokens.

In addition, they have tiered price caps to protect investors from immediate token sale discharges and quick settlements.

Additional features of Huobi

Here are some additional resources provided by Huobi that you may find useful:

  1. They offer a 24/7 support center easily accessible through the Huobi website.
  2. Huobi Token offers discounts on all trading fees.
  3. They have their own stablecoin known as HUSD.
  4. They launched a blockchain-based mobile phone in Asia.

Huobi mobile assessment – ​​Trade and monitor on the go

A cryptocurrency exchange is never complete without a mobile trading app, and Huobi Global has apps for Apple IOS devices and Android devices. Your app comes with a very user-friendly interface and even has a discovery section for you to stay on top of the latest industry news.

Is Huobi reliable and safe to invest?

A Huobi goes a long way towards keeping your assets safe for users. First, they keep most user funds in cool wallets with multiple subscriptions. In addition, your data centers are covered with 24/7 security monitoring.

Huobi Global also has a security reserve of 20.000 BTC in the event of an external breach in any way, so users can rest assured that they must be protected in the event of an attack. They are often praised for this as they are taking a proactive approach to securing their trade, which is always a good sign.

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Huobi Conclusion

Huobi Global offers a significant host of features to its users and has maintained its credibility for a long period of time. This is, in large part, one of the main reasons why it is ranked as one of the top 4 exchanges for liquidity, as its users trust their funds there.

After establishing itself in Asia, Huobi is trying to branch out and conquer other areas of the globe, which is great news for Western traders. In addition, Huobi's flagship platform can provide some great opportunities for the advancing Exchange users.

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