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Top Tokens Move To Earn Crypto

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Top Cryptocurrencies Move To Earn App March 2024.

Best cryptocurrencies Move To Earn NFT games 2023 sorted by market cap, price and trading volume. Blockchain games are any games that include blockchain technology in their backend or mechanics in general.

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What is Move To Earn?

Stock market profit concept with big window view on digital forex chart with glowing financial indicators. Blockchain Games based on the move to win (M2E) concept have emerged in recent months with projects such as STEPWOMEN and Genopets. They bring together elements of game finance (GameFi) and fitness apps to reward users for exercising.

This “FitnessFi” concept is a fast growing segment of the third generation Internet (Web3), which allows users to control and monetize their personal data.

The gamification of exercise is not new, as games like Pokemon Go and Wii Sports are based on players moving around, but running cryptocurrency games to win in a blockchain allows developers to incorporate cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as financial resources. rewards.

As the move-to-win concept morphs into cryptocurrency, players can earn in-game currency that can be exchanged for real-world fiat currencies, providing tangible rewards for their participation, rather than simply paying to play a game.

Move To Earn (M2E) vs. Play-to-earn (P2E)

The games play-to-earn (P2E) reward users for their gameplay, such as winning battles, advancing to different levels, and exploring the game universe. Motion-to-win apps use the sensors on the player's mobile device to track their movements, automatically rewarding them for physical activity.

As with P2E games, some M2E games are free while others require the user to buy an NFT from a marketplace to get started. As the price of NFTs typically increases as the games become popular, this can be an expensive upfront investment before the user can start earning.

The M2E concept aims to extend the benefits of the blockchain-based rewards concept beyond gaming to promote healthy lifestyles. This coincides with the growth of fitness trackers and employer wellness programs that encourage employees to exercise. Fitness-based M2E can reduce health insurance premiums and reduce employee sick leave. In this way, the potential exists for M2E applications to reach an even broader market than P2E.