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BlastUP (BLP), Dogecoin, XRP or Cardano: who will cross $1 first?

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With the 2024 bull run already making headlines, the race has begun among various cryptocurrencies to reach significant value milestones. Among competitors, BlastUP and well-known names like Dogecoin, XRP and Cardano are competing to reach the coveted $1 mark. Investors are closely watching these coins, analyzing trends and making predictions. This article delves into the factors that can influence each coin's potential to surpass this threshold, presenting an analytical view of the market's pulse.

BlastUP goes viral, raising $4 million in just a few weeks

BlastUP, Blast's flagship launchpad, recently made waves in the crypto world with its impressive debut, raising 4 million U.S. $ in just a few weeks. Many smart investors are rushing to buy BlastUP tokens before their value skyrockets.

BlastUP token holders can benefit from a series of privileges, including participation in an Airdrop, loyalty rewards exclusive opportunities for participation in IDOs and the ability to earn interest through staking.


BlastUP stands out from the crowd in the crypto world. Backed by Blast, the sixth largest blockchain from TVL, offers genuine usefulness as a launch pad for DApp ventures. With the motto Grow faster, earn more , BlastUP is dedicated to driving the success of blockchain startups. Those who join BlastUP now become part of a project about to become the next big thing in this bull run.

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Dogecoin price movement and recent changes

Dogecoin price has risen sharply over the past six months by 230,88%, showing strong interest from traders. Over the past month, DOGE has increased by 18,12% and continues to make waves with a 10,54% increase last week. Its price fluctuates between $0,17 and $0,22 at the moment, signaling an active period. This suggests some impulsive moves that drove the price higher.

Considering current indicators such as the RSI at 55,47, suggesting a neutral stance, and the Stochastic at 75,19, showing that momentum could be high, Dogecoin could move towards the nearest resistance at $0,25. But there is always a chance of a pullback with support at $0,14, which could cause prices to correct if traders decide to take profits.

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XRP Price Movement Overview and Forecast

Last week, XRP saw a 3,09% increase, indicating a slight increase in value. In one month, however, it fell 11,15%, while in the last six months XRP gained 25,54%. It is currently trading between $0,56 and $0,63. The RSI and Stochastic values ​​suggest that XRP is not overbought or oversold, suggesting more sideways movement. Recent price action appears more corrective than strongly impulsive.

Considering recent performance, XRP's immediate challenge is resistance at $0,67, with a stronger barrier at $0,74. Support levels are at $0,52 and then $0,45, which could cushion declines. The similar 10-day and 100-day moving averages indicate a possibility of stable price continuation.

Cardano price has been active. In one week, it rose slightly by 0,69%. But last month there was a drop of 21,52%. Zoom out by six months and it jumps 137,65%. At the moment, Cardano fluctuates between $0,55 and $0,64. Movements go up and down, showing momentum and correction.

Cardano's path is hardly a straight line. It could move higher, targeting resistances at $0,69 and perhaps even $0,79 if the wind is favorable. But declines are not out of the question either – if it slips, it could seek comfort at $0,51 or go deeper to $0,41. Indicators point to balance, but do not rule out an oscillation in any way.


Given the current rally, BlastUP (BLP) stands out as the most promising coin to reach the $1 mark first. It benefits from its innovative concept and integration into the broader Blast ecosystem, which gives it an edge. In comparison, established coins like Dogecoin, XRP, and Cardano may see growth, but have less potential for a quick recovery to the $1 threshold in the near term. Its longer market presence and larger capitalization make rapid and significant price jumps more challenging. Therefore, BlastUP is poised to reach this milestone ahead of others, driven by its unique position and robust project foundation.

Website: https://blastup.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Blastup_io
Discord: https://discord.gg/5Kc3nDhqVW
Telegram: https://t.me/blastup_io

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author, or anyone mentioned in this article, are for informational purposes only and do not constitute financial, investment or other advice. Investing or trading cryptocurrencies carries a risk of financial loss.

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