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What is GeckoTerminal App and How does it work?

What is GeckoTerminal App and How does it work?
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In the modern era, characterized by data dominance, access to accurate and up-to-date information is extremely valuable. The GeckoTerminal da CoinGecko represents an essential solution for those interested in the DeFi market, offering detailed data on the sector without the need for manual monitoring of decentralized exchange platforms.


GeckoTerminal establishes itself as an advanced data aggregation tool, providing a central point for in-depth insights into liquidity pools across multiple decentralized exchanges.

  1. The platform brings together on-chain information about cryptocurrencies, liquidity pools and decentralized exchanges, making this data available in a format that is both easy for users to understand and access;
  2. Created in 2021 by the CoinGecko team, the service has expanded rapidly, now offering analytics for over 2 million cryptocurrencies across over a hundred blockchains;
  3. Through a public API, continuous access to this vast set of data is facilitated, enabling integration into DeFi applications or rapid programmatic access to information from decentralized exchanges.

We will now explore the features of this free tool and unveil the benefits it provides to traders and developers.

What is GeckoTerminal?

GeckoTerminal is a platform dedicated to monitoring and sharing information about decentralized exchanges and the cryptocurrencies traded by them.

This tool aggregates on-chain data regarding cryptocurrency pairs, their transaction histories and market information in a single location, facilitating analysis and monitoring.

Launched by CoinGecko, a leading cryptocurrency data aggregation platform, the tool was introduced in 2021. Adapting to the growing DeFi ecosystem, it currently tracks over 800 decentralized exchanges across 110+ blockchains, predominantly EVM networks, spanning around 2,5 million cryptocurrencies.

While CoinGecko conducts detailed analysis to ensure that each asset meets strict criteria and standards before being listed, GeckoTerminal uses an automated method to track information for each cryptocurrency across supported blockchains.

Benefits of Using GeckoTerminal

Before we present a simplified tutorial on how to use the application, it is important to highlight the advantages that users can enjoy.

  • Variety of Cryptocurrencies: An ever-expanding selection of decentralized exchanges and assets listed on highly recognized networks ensures a comprehensive view of the DeFi universe;
  • In-Depth Insights: Up-to-date statistics and charts provide a complete, nuanced view of cryptocurrency performance. This includes not only high-yield pools, but also the opportunity to explore less active trading pairs and newly launched assets;
  • User-friendly interface: Designed to suit both experienced traders looking for pertinent information and novices looking for ease of use.

Additionally, the launch of the GeckoTerminal mobile application earlier this year reinforces accessibility to GeckoTerminal information. blockchain for users.

What is GeckoTerminal App and How does it work?

How to use GeckoTerminal

Let's explore the process to find your way around the GeckoTerminal interface.

The home screen presents an overview of available trading pairs, organized in an easy-to-understand table. This view highlights the latest trends and recently added pools in a dedicated section. Filtering by specific networks is facilitated through a side menu, allowing users to refine results based on different decentralized exchanges.

The table allows extensive customization, enabling ordering by criteria such as price, transaction volume, liquidity, among others, with a simple click on the desired column. A notable example is the volume-leading liquidity pool, the SOL/USDC pair on Orca DEX.

It is worth noting that to access advanced features, such as saving an observation list for consultation on different devices or in the GeckoTerminal mobile application, registering or logging in to the website is optional.

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Token Pair Overview

Upon selecting a specific trading pair, the user is presented with a detailed set of information about the respective pool, including:

  • Current token prices and transaction volume;
  • Performance analysis over different periods;
  • Volume and liquidity statistics;
  • Composition of asset reserves;
  • Pool existence time;
  • Contractual information;
  • Direct link to the exchange, allowing additional investigations;
  • Record of the latest transactions related to the pool.

Additionally, graphics TradingView are incorporated to provide a detailed visual analysis of market trends.

Market Perspective

The GeckoTerminal application offers a comprehensive view of the DeFi market, highlighting the “DEX Ranking” section, which classifies exchanges by daily volume. The “Chain Ranking” section lists blockchain networks according to Total Value Locked (TVL), making it easier to identify the main pools and cryptocurrencies.

For those looking for the latest opportunities, the “New Pools” tab reveals newly established trading pairs. Although GeckoTerminal does not yet have an alert system, the “Watchlist” feature allows users to keep track of their favorite pairs.

GeckoTerminal positions itself as an essential DeFi research tool, aiming to provide extensive data coverage across a wide range of tokens and trading pairs. With access to valuable data for analysis or integration into dApps through its public API, users have access to important resources for their research and development needs.

Conclusion: What is GeckoTerminal App and How does it work?

This article provided a deep dive into the capabilities and features of GeckoTerminal, an innovative platform developed by CoinGecko to facilitate access to crucial data in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. Standing out as a robust data aggregation tool, GeckoTerminal offers its users an intuitive interface and advanced features for analyzing cryptocurrency pairs, liquidity pools, and the bigger picture of decentralized exchanges.

By enabling simplified and personalized navigation through its interface, which includes detailed filters and on-chain data visualizations, GeckoTerminal presents itself as an essential solution for traders, investors and developers interested in the dynamic DeFi market. With features such as detailed visualization of cryptocurrency pairs, rankings of DEXs and chains, as well as updated information on new pools, the platform provides its users with a rich source of information for making informed decisions and discovering new investment opportunities.

Additionally, the customization option through the watch list and the ease of accessing data through its public API significantly expand the potential use of GeckoTerminal, not only for individual research, but also for integration into DeFi applications, thus enriching the ecosystem with valuable and updated data.

GeckoTerminal establishes itself as an indispensable tool in the arsenal of any DeFi enthusiast or professional, reinforcing CoinGecko's commitment to providing transparent, high-quality data that empowers users to confidently navigate the complex and ever-evolving cryptocurrency market.


What is GeckoTerminal?

GeckoTerminal is a platform and application created by CoinGecko, recognized as one of the main cryptocurrency data aggregators on the market. Its function is to monitor and gather information about liquidity pools spread across more than 800 decentralized exchanges. In this way, it offers its users a unified access point for simplified analysis and tracking.

What are the main features and capabilities of GeckoTerminal?

GeckoTerminal is designed to provide in-depth analysis of the performance of cryptocurrencies within liquidity pools. Furthermore, it provides a Web3 API for developers, making it easier to incorporate its functionalities into decentralized financial products (DeFi).

Is it possible to customize the user interface in GeckoTerminal?

Yes, the platform grants users wide freedom to customize its interface. This involves applying specific filters and experimenting with different visualizations and pool graphs, allowing for analysis that is more tailored to individual needs.


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author, or anyone mentioned in this article, are for informational purposes only and do not constitute financial, investment or other advice. Investing or trading cryptocurrencies carries a risk of financial loss.

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